Relative Pressure Wireless Sensor

Measuring range: 0 kPa~400 kPa

resolution 0.1 kPa

error ±4 kPa

Relative Pressure Wireless Sensor



I. Working principle

The main sensing element of the air pressure sensor is a thin film sensitive to air pressure, which is connected to a flexible resistor. When the pressure of the gas being measured decreases or increases, the film deforms and the resistance of the resistor changes. The resistance of the resistor changes. The voltage measured at both ends will also change, and will be accepted by the data collector after A/D conversion, and then the data collector will transmit the results to the computer in an appropriate form.

II. Specifications

Measuring range: 0 kPa~400 kPa;

resolution 0.1 kPa;

error ±4 kPa

III.Structure and function

  1. The sensor terminal comes with a 1.8-inch color LCD screen.
  2. The sensor terminal is equipped with 5 function buttons.The operation interface is simple and convenient.
  3. The sensor terminal supports high-speed USB data channel, which enables high speed transmission of the data from the terminal to other devices such as PC, tablet or mobile phone.
  4. The sensor terminal supportswireless communication with experimental terminals.
  5. The sensor terminal has a built-in removable batterywith a capacityof 1800mAh.
  6. The sensor terminal is designed with a hidden buckle sensor interface to support combined experiments with other sensors.
  7. The sensor terminal has designed a fixation spot to get itfixed on the iron frameconveniently and combined with traditional lab equipment for experiments.
  8. The sensor terminal supports the latest operating systems,such as iOS, Android, windows operating systems, etc.
  9. Software with permanent use in digital laboratories in Kazakh and Russian languages. Designed for practical and laboratory work in the science modulesof the school curriculum.

IV.Typical applications

Air pressure sensors can be used to measure air pressure in containers and the surrounding environment. It is mainly suitable for physics experiments related to gas pressure, such as gas laws, etc. It can also be used to measure dry, non-corrosive gas pressure in biology and chemistry experiments. Its typical applications are: atmospheric pressure, ideal gas law, etc.


This product is suitable for educational use only and is not suitable for industrial, medical, research, or commercial applications.

VI.Usage Tips

  1. During use, keep the container of the gas being measured tightly connected to the hose of the pressure measurement port of the sensor.
  2. It cannot be used to measure liquid pressure. Please do not use it beyond the range.