Digital Laboratory Complex

Digital Laboratory Complex



I. Function Introduction

The data collector is a component that converts the physical signal from the sensor into a digital signal for storage and analysis. It is an important part of the digital exploration laboratory.


II.Performance specifications

  1. Integrated design, 4 built-in sensors, 10 sensor interfaces, supporting 10 kinds of sensor modules to work and display data at the same time;
  2. Display: 3.5-inch TFT 480*320 touch screen;
  3. Supported platforms: Windows system, Android system, and iOS system;
  4. Support independent collection mode, support collection by external devices, and support wireless transmission;
  5. Maximum sampling rate: 100,000 times/second; sampling resolution: 12-bit;
  6. Maximum data storage capacity: 60,000 items;
  7. USB 2.0 interface;
  8. The Lightning interface is used between the datalogger and the sensor, and it adopts a wrap-around pluggable design. The sensor can be replaced at will without the need for data cable connection;
  9. Support wireless connection to PC and mobile devices (Android tablet, iPad 3, iPad mini and above);
  10. It has a universal interface module that can be used to expand other types of sensors. The universal interface adopts Lightning interface. The external expansion sensor plug adopts a double-sided design and can be inserted into the universal interface reversibly.